No prep. No stress. Just fun!

Anansi's Tapestry of Lives populates your tabletop roleplaying game world, so you can focus on the fun and your story.You and your players are going to love every one of the 110 richly detailed NPCs, 40+ magic items, 20+ side quests, and 70 detailed locations.490 pages of content in two books! Plus voice acted intro monologues, tarot sized NPC cards, VTT tokens & more!Get all these tools at a discount by preordering on exclusively Backerkit today!Discount Ends May 2023. Shipping June 2023!

$110k Raised on Kickstarter!

Over 1,300 players, DMs, and GMs just like you helped us fund the creation of Anansi's Tapestry of Lives, Anansi's Journal of Common Places, and the other awesome tools (like NPC cards). While we finish producing this massive book, you can get in on the discount!Now that the project has been funded, you have a chance to get these books at the Same Huge Discount that our early supporters on Kickstarter enjoyed. Don't miss out. Preorder today to get all this loot at a big discount!

350 pages of amazing GM tools and resources.Hardcover and PDF.

Each illustrated NPC in Anansi's Tapestry of Lives has an intro monologue to kick off the action, in addition to a backstory, personality, goal, and quirk.We've included additional details to help you bring even more fun to your table. Many NPCs have exactly the extras you need, like stat block, story tables, inventories, magic items - even side quests.Anansi provides everything you need to make your game come to life!

Be prepared with locations adventure books don't cover!

No more scrambling to make up interesting descriptions on the fly. In Anansi's Journal of Common Places, you'll discover 150 pages of details for common locations like a room in a fine inn, a rundown stable, an herbalist shop, and more.Each location has text that can be read aloud. There's also searchable secrets that you can reveal if and when your players search the area.

Over 100 incredible contributors!

Many of the best tabletop roleplaying game and D&D writers, as well as voice over actors have come together to create these tools and resources just for you!

You'll love the professionally voice acted monologues for each and every NPC!

Don't be pressured to come up with a new voice for every random NPC your players want to talk to. With VoxStoria you can access all the NPC details AND play their intro monologue on your VTT, computer, or phone.VoxStoria is also your handy pocket quick reference guide. NPCs are sortable and searchable by name and occupation, so you can quickly find the tavern keeper (or anyone else) you need!

In-person play or virtual, you'll have what you need!

Each and every NPC is available as a tarot-sized NPC card that you can hand to your player when an NPC joins them. Playing on a virtual table top. Represent these NPCs on your map with beautiful tokens.What a fantastic way for your players to see and interact with the amazing cast of characters your introduce them to.

You'll love all these amazing tools to enhance your game!Your players will love you!

Anansi's Tapestry of LivesAnansi's Journal of Common PlacesVoxStoria, the companion appNPC decks and virtual tabletop tokensThe sky god's stolen diceAnansi's gemstone diceNeverEnding's digital storytelling toolsLoads of digital art and wallpapersSO MUCH LOOT FOR YOU TO GRAB!Discount Ends May 2023. Shipping June 2023!

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